Who we are

Who We Are

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Aesthetiq clinic provides market leading non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We incorporate a portfolio of industry leading treatments to subtly enhance your natural beauty without the undesired side effects of plastic surgery thus building your confidence and bringing a smile to your face.

Bespoke and Tailor Made Service

Aesthetiq was conceived over a dinning table where we realised that all of us achieved inner happiness by bringing a smile to other’s faces. This could only be achieved by providing a bespoke and tailor made service for each and individual client from the very first contact to ongoing care for years. A unique team of experienced and aesthetically trained doctors was assembled coupled with industry’s gold standard treatments to achieve a class leading experience.

Specialized Doctors

Aesthetiq takes great pride in ethical service at all levels. From your first contact to aftercare, we only advise you what is best for you. We understand that every client is special with unique needs and aspirations. Our doctors use their special aesthetic sense to guide you to the right treatments. We’ll give you our honest and professional opinion after detailed consultation and analysis of your individual needs.

What People Say?

Love the results, they look so natural and are the perfect size for my face. I would definitely recommend Aesthetiq!


Just had a non surgical Micro Needling omg I’m over the moon!! painless & perfect! I’d say this was far better


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